SFM is a Lincoln based charity set up in 2007 to achieve these objectives: Relief of food poverty, that is, extreme hunger. Relief of sickness, especially reduction of preventable diseases. Advancement of know-how in agriculture.


Relief of food poverty, that is, extreme hunger, through (training and) sustainable food production, especially aquaculture and leguminous crops (fruits plantation) which symbolize the protein, and essential vitamins that can transform a subsistence diet of cassava and rice into a balanced and healthy diet.

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SFM is a response to divine calling and global poverty.

Stage 1:

I received a prophetic message from the Lord in April 2006. I was given the first message that-  “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be FAMINE.

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Board  of Trustees

This is an opportunity to get more involved with SFM. FAB members bring skills, experience and enthusiasm to the team. They support the trustees in achieving the objects of the charity. SFM fundraising is project specific and you will be able to initiate and support fundraising strategies. You are expected to attend an annual meeting.

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Shepherd Food Ministries